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Two sisters walked up to a house. They were dressed in dirty clothes and looked starving. They knocked on the door, and when it was answered, the elder sister spoke.

"We are in need of money. My name is Ella, and this is my little sister Sarah," she said, gesturing to the other girl. "Our mother died giving birth to me, and our father died recently due to an illness. We are starving. Would you be so kind as to give us some money?" Ella said.

The lady who answered the door thought for a moment, then answered, "You are a liar. I will not lend you any money."

Why does she think the sisters are lying?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by shannmo01/03/10
she could have a younger sister because her father didnt die when she was born. He could have had another child which would be her sister.

Posted by OmarD01/03/10
Wouldn't that make them step-sisters though? I don't know. I really like this teaser though. I almost got it wrong but then I re-read it and got it.

Posted by mercenary00701/03/10
this was WAY too easy.... lol...answer was too obvious, I dont think this even counts as a trick unless ur dumb :roll: lol @ shannmo: you need to read the teaser again, the girl says "OUR mother died while giving birth to me" , so therefore she and her younger sister both have the same mother and therefore she is lying

Posted by LouiseF01/04/10
i got this one :D was pretty easy though, fun but

Posted by Prinesca01/05/10
Pretty easy, fun as well! :D

Posted by Flamey50001/05/10
Easy! I got it. :)

Posted by Marple01/10/10
Very easy but still good. :wink:

Posted by mathisnice01/14/10
Great teaser! :D I got it right. What shamo said couldn't be true because it said 'our' mother. :)

Posted by Stack160701/15/10
Very easy, but I really liked it :lol: :lol: :D :D .

Posted by sashomarine01/15/10
I said that since their father died recently, they couldn't of been starving since they'd be in an orphanage, and if the dad's death hadn't been known to public yet they still could of been cookin' cans of tomato soup to eat, and therefore... could not of been hungry. Gosh, I wrote a lot... :o

Posted by beyonce12301/24/10
best teaser ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! easy but fun

Posted by Kelby01/27/10
If their father had had another child by a different woman that would make them half-sisters, not step sisters.

Posted by Zag2402/03/10
Of course, she says "little sister" not "younger sister." Perhaps the little one is older. It could also be "younger sister" if they are twins, and the younger one is only a few minutes younger. The mother could have died having the first one, and the second one had to be removed surgically from the mother's dead body. Not to pick nits, or anything. :-) Actually, I like the teaser. It is very hard to come up with an original trick teaser. This one was quite easy, but that's ok.

Posted by dragoran02/16/10
Easy but clever :)

Posted by potteris2kool02/23/10
Easy and sorta hard but I like it. Tricky, you have to think outside the box.

Posted by zembobo03/15/10
Zag makes a very good point. This teaser didn't think of everything. They could have been twins and the younger one had to be pulled out of the dead mother. Gross but it happens. So THERE! :-)

Posted by precious102604/09/10
Wow :(

Posted by mathgirl06/11/10
it was a very easy teaser and i got it once i read the question but there is maybe a different way that that girl could be her sister.

Posted by GreenApples2709/23/10
Very easy.

Posted by wickywoo11/29/10
very easy but just as clever :)

Posted by YJunjie01/24/12
Oh... I thought that the mother died giving birth to the younger child. :P

Posted by SaraGrace07/31/13
Way to easy :lol:


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