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There was a criminal mastermind named Dr. Rey. Dr. Rey was very smart and witty to the point of arrogance. He defied everyone by publicly expressing that when he would talk, he would state a true fact and a false statement together.
One time there was a party. Many criminal masterminds were there, and the talk turned to a very recent case that was very mysterious and popular at that time. It was the case of the very clean murder of John Smith, a highly-ranked agent of the CIA. One of the criminal masterminds present asked Dr. Rey whether he had anything to do with that murder - he said it in a humorous way, of course. Dr. Rey, smiling lightly, said: "I had nothing to do with that murder. Oh! How time passes, I was 50 on my previous birthday and I'll be 52 on my next". An undercover agent smiled on hearing that, and a few hours later, Dr. Rey was in prison.

What was the occasion of the party?

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