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Marky's New Buddy

Submitted By:canse912
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Difficulty:*** (2.95)

You may have heard about my Sphynx cat Marky. Marky is incredibly sweet, but he does nothing but sleep! I decided to get him a more energetic companion.

My friend Polly asked me what I was going to name the cat. Now, I am a great puzzle enthusiast, and so I sent her a cryptic clue in an email.

"I feature in what sounds like Australia,
But that is a typical error,
I could be an insult, or an endearment
Or a cat to stay with you forever.
I'm a little squat, it may seem,
But I'll stay loyal forever
And here's one thing you may find strange;
My name and breed are the same, to a letter!"

What is my new cat's name, and a bonus question: What is his breed?

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