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Submitted By:sashomarine
Fun:*** (2.19)
Difficulty:* (0.46)

A man lit five candles on a table and a gust of wind coming out from a nearby window put out two of the candles. How many candles are there now?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by littlestud03/22/10
so time do better.. but it was good :)

Posted by chunnie03/22/10
easy, but nice!

Posted by mathisnice03/22/10
Nice teaser, though a bit easy.

Posted by bbcoolbeans703/23/10
this was really easy but a little bit offense :wink:

Posted by Marple03/28/10
I liked it! Easy but fun. :P

Posted by PhoenixW04/08/10
Sasho, like your other teaser I've seen this before...

Posted by unklemyke04/16/10
Hoo boy- Moses fell out of his crib chuckling at this one - or a close variant. :roll: Are we searching the "Inactive" stacks at the local library for Puzzlers now? :( You should at least scrape the moss off the oldies before you submit them. :-?

Posted by Nerine04/22/10
Seen this one before.. very easy.. try looking to see if there's one like it, or come up with something different. Most people would have seen this one, although its a good teaser for those who don't know it :)

Posted by coinjar87605/10/10
Never heard it b4, but still got it right off the bat!

Posted by precious102605/25/10
:evil: Yes, Yes this teaser was very easy. Are you all happy you had the experience... You know something, easy or not. Good Teaser. I like the wind blew out, even though it had no direct bearing on the Answer itself... :evil: That was Clever...

Posted by Benjiboo11/04/11
ssssssssssoooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyy

Posted by Joose11/02/12
For all we really know there were actually several hundred candles. It says they LIT five, not that there were five there.

Posted by sashomarine11/13/12
:oops: Sorry guys, I didn't know that this was already a teaser. I don't intentionally copy, but sometimes my teasers resemble others that you might have read. Once again, sorry.


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