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One Out of Six

Submitted By:sashomarine
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Rolling three once on a regular die is 1/6 likely. Rolling three twice in a row on a regular die is 1/36 likely. How likely is it that your next roll on the same die will be a three?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by flyfisher04/02/10
Good Teaser, Had to use the hint to get it..... :roll:

Posted by Loviepuppy04/02/10
not so hard I got it on my own not so fu to do :(

Posted by dalfamnest04/03/10
I hope this gets corrected quickly! It doesn't look good to have had this maths approved. Two consecutive 3s has a probability of 1/36, not 1/12. :( An easy but still fun, standard question.

Posted by mathisnice04/04/10
Yes, I agree with the above poster. A bit easy, but it made me think. I didn't use the hint, but if one had, they would have gotten the teaser very fast. Well, it's nice to have another Trick teaser. This category doesn't get very many new ones.

Posted by sashomarine04/04/10
Someone is already correcting it for me. Happy Easter everyone!

Posted by braingle10004/05/10
the law of averages......

Posted by PhoenixW04/08/10
Uhh... I've seen this teaser way before it appeared here...

Posted by Sock-Puppy_Plzr04/08/10
not the best 1, but who am i to judge? :lol:

Posted by precious102604/09/10
:roll: Keep Life Simple. 1/6 Makes Sense for the situation, but for Pure Math, maybe not. Good job.. :wink:

Posted by BriangleJJ04/09/10
At first I thought is 1/12... :-? Now it's actually 1/6 :lol: Great teaser! :)

Posted by Nerine04/22/10
Very easy, I think the hint gives too much away.. although i solved it without :)

Posted by Jake1004/26/10
I still dont get it..........not a math guy. :(

Posted by coinjar87604/28/10
Pretty easy. I got it right away.

Posted by beyonce12306/01/10
yay! trick teasers are my favorites because I always get them right and if I miss one I'm like oohhhhhh. luckily I got this right even without the hint.

Posted by gooberbaby106/21/10
I don't understand it at all,and i'm the smartest girl in TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Posted by FreeSarah07/29/10
Haha, figured it out. The chances doesn't mean it happened. You might get a 1 at the first time, and a 4 in the second, he didn't say "3 three times in a row", he just said "a 3 the third time" Anyone understands what i'm saying? :/

Posted by JQPublic09/12/10
I love tricks. They can be so easy!

Posted by rob7701/08/11
Close to a year after it's been made and it still hasn't been corrected. 1/6*1/6 = 1/36, not 1/12. Did the people who approved this teaser pass grade 10 math?

Posted by Benjiboo11/04/11
i thought it was 1/6 :D then i thought i was wrong :( but i was right! :lol:

Posted by zembobo11/21/11
Yes, someone please correct the math here.

Posted by sashomarine03/23/13
Sorry guys, I don't know what's taking so long... :-?

Posted by LogStar10006/10/13
I just thought they were trick dice.

Posted by ismartguy05/15/14
2nd comment and 3rd comment look at last sentence carefully. it doesnt say3 consecutive threes,it says a three. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by ismartguy01/29/15
oh :oops:

Posted by samast05/26/15
It does say that it's 3 consecutive rolls. "Rolling three twice in a row" and "your next roll" imply that all three rolls are consecutive. The maths is wrong.


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