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Biggest Wall Ever

Submitted By:sashomarine
Fun:*** (2.4)
Difficulty:* (0.58)

There is an extremely long wall stretching for miles and miles in a distant world that you are on. It would take a thousand years to go around it, and by that time you would be dead. This amazing wall is indestructible and cannot be blown up by any nuke or explosive ever known. In fact, in this weird world, the only thing there is the wall, you, and of course, the planet. One day you are walking and you come across the wall. You want to get to the other side of the wall. After a few seconds, you are at the other side and you're on your way. How did you get to the other side of the wall?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by mathisnice04/12/10
I thought you went through a door. :lol:

Posted by gargph04/12/10
I thought the wall was made out of paper or something :doubt:

Posted by sashomarine04/12/10
I wonder why it couldn't of been blown up then... :lol:

Posted by Prinesca04/12/10
I thought what math thought :lol:

Posted by 4wheels04/14/10
I thought you would go through a door as well

Posted by unklemyke04/16/10
Walk through the tunnel under it, walk across the bridge over it, fly over it in your heliocycle, hot-air balloon, or jump-jet - too many possible answers, too little time to type them all. :O (That's my approximation of a yawn.)

Posted by kwelchans04/16/10
unklemyke, none of your other answers would work. It clearly states that the only things on this planet are yourself and the wall. Therefore, there can't be a tunnel, bridge, heliocycle, hot-air balloon, or jump-jet.

Posted by Marple04/17/10
Got it straight away! :lol:

Posted by Jake1004/21/10
Slice 'o pie! :D Pretty darn easy. It actually made me feel smart!

Posted by Light04/21/10
i thought cause it said "in this world" so i thought "this world" was the world of my imagination.... so i just imagined myself on the other side :D

Posted by Nerine04/22/10
Very easy.. maybe if you mentioned the wall is taller than your head.. but not for your arms to pull you up that would have thrown people off a bit?? I liked it :)

Posted by coinjar87604/28/10
I thought you could dig or something

Posted by kwelchans04/29/10
It would take more than a few seconds to dig under it.

Posted by sashomarine04/29/10
It's massive size means that it's rooted in deep, to ensure it doesn't fall over... Besides, digging would take much longer than you're thinking... With hands??? Perhaps an hour before you can get your body through that hole.... :roll:

Posted by coinjar87605/09/10
Good point kwelch and sasho.

Posted by rlc32705/15/10
wasnt that though

Posted by BOBdaMAN05/16/10
this makes no sense at all :roll: :evil:

Posted by beyonce12306/01/10
easy but sweet :P

Posted by BriangleJJ07/08/10
I first thought that it was the Great Wall of China... :oops:

Posted by FreeSarah07/29/10
I thought it was the equador line, or the GLT line, because it will never be destroyed :oops:

Posted by Deedee12308/22/10
You could also take a jet around the world to the other side. 8) Take the jet (or spaceship) out of orbit and you'll be there without having to go around.

Posted by kwelchans08/22/10
There's no jet or spaceship on the planet!

Posted by Hashbrown2108/26/10
Ohh I thought the gravity was different or something!

Posted by DemonLord809/06/10
I thought, like Sarah, that it was the equator. XP

Posted by Thekid406/19/11
I thought you dig under it, and then after I saw the hint I thought you were a giant

Posted by Retridemptio08/29/11
I pictured a wall stretching from the north to the pole of a planet. This way, as soon as you think of yourself as being on the west side instead of the east, you are. Only takes a few seconds ;)

Posted by Benjiboo11/04/11
mathisnice i agree

Posted by zembobo11/21/11
Too many possible answers. The one I guess of the many I thought was actually the one posted so I feel special. :P

Posted by chucknorris04/23/12


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