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Submitted By:MarcM1098
Fun:**** (3.19)
Difficulty:** (1.68)

Based on the clue in parentheses, find a four-letter word that can be inserted backwards into the blank to complete a longer word.

Example: di____ve (a defeat)
Answer: dissolve ("A defeat" gives you LOSS, which is placed backwards in the blank: di_SSOL_ve.)

1. dis____s (horse movement)
2. mi____ce (high mountains)
3. l____ion (a Mexican food)
4. s____ing (food skin)

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Sneakattack04/25/10
This teaser was very interesting, I must say, but it was very difficult. I look forward to seeing more of these benevolent brainteasers.

Posted by jimbooth01905/24/10
That was a fun teaser. I found it fairly easy - at least I got all of them without the hint. 8) Thanks!

Posted by builder05/24/10
interesting, #2 gave me pause for a moment but was easy overall

Posted by doehead05/24/10
After 3 weeks on vacation, I needed a extremely easy teaser to get me back in the grind. This one fit the bill. 8) :D :)

Posted by jcann05/24/10
I liked this teaser as I had never seen one like it before. I needed the hint for #1, but I got the rest on my own--needed to think just enough for a Monday morning! :)

Posted by patiencewithaP05/24/10
#4 got me :oops: Well thought out! :D

Posted by auntiesis05/24/10
I didn't get the one with the horse movement, but the rest were doable without the hint. Thanks for a good one. :lol:

Posted by precious102605/24/10
:evil: I love this Teaser. I like all Language Teasers I am realizing. I just don't have the patient to figure the problem out completely. I'll get one part correct and give up on the second part. Math is the only subject that gives partial credit. Good Teaser, very well done... :wink: :evil:

Posted by cutieluck05/24/10
It was pretty good I got it all correct :P

Posted by bear0105/26/10
love it..make me more...please :D

Posted by Babe05/24/13
I could not for the life of me think what food skin was. It sounded soooo gross! Got all the rest though. Not too bad a teaser! :P

Posted by cutebug05/24/13
Interesting and easy. :D :D

Posted by HABS293305/24/13
I had a bit of trouble with "food skin" as well I was thinking rind then was starting to get dinner together in my head and reaslised I had to peel the potatoes - and voilà! There it was.

Posted by auntiesis05/24/13
I found 3 easy, and one tougher. :D :lol: :D

Posted by thecatladycac05/24/13
Pretty easy - I missed the fact of using a 4 letter word to fill in until I went back and read it again. I need to read instructions more thoroughly!! :oops: Anyway - Nice teaser!! :D :lol: :D

Posted by raisin9905/24/16
cute; easy


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