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Submitted By:Viper
Fun:*** (2.57)
Difficulty:** (1.97)

The jailer is quite an interesting tale
In the Bible, in the tail
The prisoners could've bailed
But didn't, being jailed.

They obeyed authority
Jailed by majority
Happily singing songs to Him,
And had a crowd, in the dim.

What Christian story is explained, and who is "Happily singing songs"?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by unklemyke05/09/10
Your rhymes are awkward,:-? Your meter lacks beat, :roll: But your story selection Is really a treat! :D So I'll sing your praises As Paul and Silas sang hymns To cheer their companions As the prison light dims. :D :roll: :lol:

Posted by Viper05/15/10
Thanks unklemyke... I think. You're the first one to post with my teasers, so thanks for that too!

Posted by Marple02/06/13
I don't know anything about the bible so didn't have a clue. :(


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