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Creature of the Night

Submitted By:4wheels
Fun:*** (2.64)
Difficulty:* (0.45)

I often hang upside down
High, high above the ground
I'm in books, movies, television, too
Where I often scare you
When you are awake I am asleep
I don't make a single peep
But during the night I do hunt
For flies and fruit that I can munch
Some say that I am in disguise
That I can metamorphasize

What am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by 4wheels05/03/10
I hope you like this teaser :D

Posted by woodrock9605/03/10
Easy. :D

Posted by mathisnice05/04/10
Good teaser! :D I got it with a lucky guess after the first line, but I still like it.

Posted by rolugomi05/05/10
Got it from the title!!! No, really. It was a fun teasr, a bit easy, but then,I am obsessed with bats and vampires :D good job!!

Posted by Checkmate105/09/10
Lol I got it from the first line and the title. Oh well :o

Posted by potteris2kool05/10/10
Thought it was either a bat or vampire. I knew it when a line said about what it eats. Very easy. :D

Posted by precious102605/19/10
Good job 4Wheels. Like to see more from u. :wink:

Posted by beyonce12306/02/10
got it after the first line.

Posted by 4wheels04/07/11
qdqkdwglfwnkrtzalvvgtgfwnkthnlwasdndbduoashy :o


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