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SuperTurtle Saves the Day!

Submitted By:greenturtles
Fun:*** (2.39)
Difficulty:** (1.26)

--- Posted by the SuperTurtle Fan Club at 9:24 P.M. on 4-27-10 in NYC, NY ---
Our favorite superhero (SuperTurtle) did a great job as a superhero today. Here is what happened ---

- 9:14 A.M.- SuperTurtle saved 48 out of 48 people in the plane crash this morning.

- 12:38 P.M.- SuperTurtle was able to save 2945 people out of 2947 people when the giant robot attacked 59th street.

- 7:09 P.M.- SuperTurtle was able to save 548 out of 549 people when a "monster" attacked.

So, SuperTurtle did a pretty good job in NYC today. You could take the time to find out how many people he DID save today. My question for you is, however, how many people did he NOT save today?

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