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Joe and Anthony were discussing lakes. Joe says that Lake Superior is the largest lake in the world. Anthony says that Lake Baikal is the largest lake in the world. Who is right?

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Posted by Marple05/16/10
Actually, the Caspian Sea is the world's largest lake. :-?

Posted by zigthepig05/17/10
I understand this, but this teaser asks which of the two they are discussing is the largest. I didn't want to include the Caspian Sea because it is called a "Sea". The other two lakes are recognised as being the largest, too. :D

Posted by precious102605/19/10
8) I hate agreeing with other people but the second comment seem more accurate in that Caspian Sea should Never be considered a Lake for its very name indicates a totally different type of Water Body. Secondly, The word Largest seems to imply circumference or the width of an object and not its depth, but it's a Great Teaser and that is our real purpose... I enjoyed this teaser. 8)

Posted by kajish12/31/12
Actually Marple is correct because even though it is called the Caspian Sea it in fact fits the definition of a lake

Posted by klsowell01/08/14
Ok, first of all, I agree that the Caspian Sea is larger and could be considered a "lake", however it does not have the word 'lake' in its name and so could therefore be confusing. I understood the concept of the teaser, how one would cover more area but one would hold more water, but I didn't know which was gonna be which. :-? :wink: :lol:


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