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Letter Juggle 11

Submitted By:MarcM1098
Fun:**** (3.26)
Difficulty:** (1.58)

Take the given words, and by moving a single letter from one word to the other, make a pair of synonyms, or near synonyms. For example, given: Boast - Hip, move the 's' from 'Boast' to 'Hip' creating two synonyms: Boat - Ship.

1. Inks - Tiles
2. Ride - Relive
3. Gaze - Freed
4. Snail - Pike
5. Snag - Cold

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by doehead07/04/10
Being the first comment,I would say this one was pretty easy,but enjoyable. 8) 8) 8)

Posted by gaylewolf07/04/10
I agree with doehead :roll: This puzzle was enjoyable - thanks! :)

Posted by bestgirl07/04/10
I'll go along with the above.

Posted by auntiesis07/04/10
Ride/relieve is the only one to give me pause, but the hint helped. The rest of them were easy, but fun. Thanks. :D :lol: :D

Posted by TallTimber07/04/10
Very nice teaser.

Posted by bradon18200107/04/10
Good teaser. Thanks for posting.

Posted by 0xy102/08/11

Posted by jaycr07/04/13
Was able to read right down the list. Happy 4th of July everyone! :D

Posted by Babe07/04/13
I got them all except a different answer for #1 Enjoyable and fun! :P

Posted by Eng_Masoud07/04/13
i could not solve it cuz English not my Main language , so it was a bit hard for me ^^

Posted by cutebug07/04/13
Nice and easy. Happy 4th to all who celebrate it and those who don't, have a wonderful day. :D :D

Posted by Maggiethe8th07/04/13
What fun! Had to go back to the first one after I got my brain twitching enough, but those 'aha!' moments are priceless- :D

Posted by thecatladycac07/04/13
It took a little thought, especially with Rid and Relieve - but I got it without too much difficulty. Fun Teaser! Thanks for sharing. :D :lol: :D

Posted by Zykezex07/04/16
I usually get them all right, and that's one of the reasons I like this type of teaser. This time is no exception- i.e. I got them all and liked it! :lol:

Posted by bestgirl07/04/16
Same as 2010.

Posted by raisin9907/04/16
fun, easy, well-done


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