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Standard Sequence

Submitted By:MarcM1098
Fun:**** (3.17)
Difficulty:*** (2.57)

Given the word STANDARD, take away two letters and add three digits to make a logical sequence.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by karenokupniak06/13/10
It threw me that this was in the trick category. Very clever teaser.

Posted by Marple06/13/10
I liked this! :)

Posted by deepsea06/13/10
Very clever :D

Posted by zigthepig06/21/10
Very very clever, this is going in my favourites.

Posted by gooberbaby106/28/10

Posted by plokolplok07/12/10

Posted by jimbooth01907/12/10
Good one! I didn't figure it out even with the hint. :roll:

Posted by builder07/12/10
cool one marc

Posted by elentir07/12/10
This was a good one, although I didn't get it. I think it would fit better under the Series catagory than the Trick category though.

Posted by doehead07/12/10
Got me. Don't know where I was on this one. I wasn't even in the same ballpark. :oops: :-? :cry:

Posted by bradon18200107/12/10
Clever and tricky. Loved it. Thanks for posting.

Posted by beyonce12307/12/10

Posted by auntiesis07/12/10
Wow. Tht was a tough one, but very clever. I didn't think to look at the hint , but I don't know if that would have helped. Very nice.

Posted by flyfisher07/12/10
After reading the comments I feel smarter! It came to me right away! Cool teaser, good job!

Posted by wordmama07/12/10
Pre-breakfast, I lost patience right away! Even the hint didn't help! :( When I looked at the answer, I was mad at myself; it would have been gettable if I'd given it a chance! :oops: A good one!

Posted by antlerlady07/12/10
I feel dumb. Maybe I shouldn't try these before breakfast. Or when I'm not awake yet. :(

Posted by bear0107/19/10
tricky tricky... i had no idea where to start with this one..

Posted by GreenApples2709/23/10
Very creative! Loved it. :D

Posted by Benjiboo11/04/11
2d1nr3dst unscramble that to find out the answer 8)

Posted by oddrey02/21/12
One of the best I have seen in while, congrats!

Posted by Babe07/12/13
I had no idea as to what we were supposed to do.I wrote down the word on paper without the A's but did not seperate them so, no, nothing looked familiar. stndrd Sorry! :(

Posted by gaylewolf07/12/13
I don't know how or why, but I got it right away! I did it, and I still don't know how! :wink: :) It just kind of happened! :lol:

Posted by HABS293307/12/13
i somehow missed the ND, so I saw ST and RD and was trying to figure out what numbers would go in to make a street and road that we should all get. Had I read it right, I am sure I could have worked it out after a few seconds or thought.

Posted by cutebug07/12/13
I got only because I've seen it before. :D :D

Posted by thedavincigame07/12/13
I got obsessed with 'AND' being part of the answer and after much deliberation decided the answer was: T1 AND 10AR Which becomes: Tone and tenor If you convert the numbers to text and just ignore the fact that it's an 'A' not an 'O'!! Oh well, nobody's perfect!

Posted by kitykity1t08/07/13
what about paula abdul????

Posted by Silbury202/05/16
Did this after my dinner, thought it was yummy :D 8)

Posted by raisin9907/12/16
nice one!

Posted by wolfpackw207/12/16
I came up with 1 AND 2 AR 3 (If you don't mind the misspelling.) :D

Posted by gaylewolf07/12/16
I got it last time and today I had no clue! :) Clever - thanks for posting! And, Wolfpack, are we related? :)


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