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'The Hardest Riddle Ever' Event

Submitted By:jtolley
Fun:*** (2.69)
Difficulty:*** (2.91)

This past weekend, Dr. Riddler invited a group of friends to a party of puzzles and games. During the night, Dr. Riddler presented a "special riddle" to his guests. Whoever figured it out fastest would win a great prize!

The six guests who attended were Calvin Peterson, Florence Oak, David Gardner, Lester Page, Joel Pastor, and Veronica Andrews. After a lavish dinner and a few more hours of puzzle fun, Dr. Riddler began to announce the name of the person who figured out the "special riddle:"

"OK now everyone...!"
"The winner of..."
"'The Hardest Riddle Ever' Event..."

But before the good doctor could congratulate the winner, a loud noise from outside interrupted him. However, everyone knew who had won.

Who won and how do you know?

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