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Dead Numeral

Submitted By:racoonieboy
Fun:** (1.6)
Difficulty:*** (2.67)

If only DEAD people understand hexadecimal, how many people understand hexadecimal?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by superleaf108/26/10
does this make sense??? :-? :x

Posted by fishmed08/27/10
Yes, but you gotta be one of those who understand Hex. It took me a while and I kinda had to cheat and look up my conversion tables.

Posted by kwelchans08/27/10
It's like the old joke: There are 10 kinds of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't! :D :lol: :wink:

Posted by thebrain78908/27/10
Superleaf1: No, it doesn't.

Posted by panpap08/27/10
Im not good with that... and personally, it should be in the math category if it wasn't for the little play on words in the beginning... :roll: :wink: BTW, First comment by me ever :D feel special :wink:

Posted by Starriddler08/28/10
And look at 57005 upside-down, it's the closest you can get to "souls" uusing numbers.

Posted by Marple08/29/10
This went completely over my head. I feel very stupid! :oops: :cry:

Posted by braingle10008/30/10
this teaser is halfway between the math section and the trick section. :(

Posted by kwelchans08/30/10
It's a trick that requires a certain knowledge of math to get the trick.

Posted by mathisnice08/31/10
It totally stumped me, but this teaser doesn't deserve such a low rating just because you can't get it. There's a balance of teasers on Braingle, some easy, some hard.

Posted by nakajima0109/01/10
And I thought all trick questions are fun. This one proves me wrong. :-?

Posted by racoonieboy09/01/10
Well, it's because this is also part math. And you also require knowledge of hex.

Posted by gooberbaby111/25/10
I did not get it and i zoned out on the answer and the hint :x

Posted by NAngelaMiller01/20/11
Yeah not so fond of this math stuff

Posted by EnderofGames01/25/11
Definitely a trick question... And the best one I've seen for a while! Congrats!

Posted by TanCW04/01/11
I feel that this should be in Maths... I thought the answer was all dead people...

Posted by HABS293304/02/11
It is a tough call on where it belongs. It does sort of straddle the two categories. Wasn't that hard, but then I understand Hex. Good teaser.

Posted by Junjie89006/23/11
:lol: I did not get it but I realised that DEAD is a number. My original guess was : No one. :-?

Posted by thebrain78911/07/11
Wait, what?

Posted by Totorogirl12/22/11
Isn't this math??

Posted by Candi708/14/12
Well I'll tell you one thing. I definitely don't understand it, so will somebody please explain the answer to me?????? :-?

Posted by kitykity1t08/07/13
what. :o seriosly emoticons rule


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