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Myths and Legends

Submitted By:crocodile
Fun:*** (3.07)
Difficulty:** (1.67)

Can you pick the god from the list provided that will complete this group?

Zeus, Hephaestus, Gaea, ?

Choose from: Dionysus, Athena, Hermes, Poseidon, Aphrodite

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by crocodile09/12/10
Hi, hope you enjoy it.

Posted by crocodile09/12/10
This is my first teaser, please be honest while rating.

Posted by zigthepig09/13/10
I enjoyed this. I made an educated guess and got it right. :D

Posted by drussel309/14/10
Thanks, I learned something.

Posted by morpheus2509/15/10
That was really fun. It was pretty easy though because I love Greek myths. :D Keep it up!

Posted by acornalice09/18/10
MYTHS AND LEGENDS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOO GLAD I FOUND PPL THAT SHARE MY LOVE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found this one lots of fun :)

Posted by doehead10/12/10
Croc-good job. I got it but you made me put my think cap on. A special hello to GayleW. :D :P :)

Posted by patiencewithaP10/12/10
Took a bit but I got it! Great teaser! :D

Posted by crocodile10/12/10
Thanks for all the positive comments, people! :D

Posted by bradon18200110/30/10
Very nice. Thanks for posting.

Posted by Marple11/25/10
I liked this. Keep posting more like this! :)

Posted by NAngelaMiller01/20/11
learn something new every day!

Posted by Viper01/27/11
For your first teaser, it's actually very good. Better than my first. But, Hephaestus was not associated with fire. He was associated with tools, automatons-- pretty much blacksmiths. Blacksmiths are however commonly associated with fire, so it's nothing major. Just thought I'd let you know. :wink:

Posted by precious102602/23/11
Why would you associate Zeus with the elements? Isn't Zeus the Creator of All other Gods, lower gods. Persidon is the God of the Oceans, but given that element by Zeus. I don't understand how Zeus is leveled with lessor gods. good teaser.

Posted by crocodile02/23/11
To precious, Zeus is also the god of the sky, and air is one of the four elements.

Posted by aliceedwards05/20/11
This was a hard, and yet fun teaser! LOVED IT!

Posted by mj132106/30/11
I luv it! It wuz fairly e-z 4 me, but lotz of fun! It waz awesome 4 ur 1st teaser :D

Posted by crocodile07/01/11
Thanks! :D

Posted by Viper09/29/11
@precious1026 Zeus is not the creator of all the other gods. They were all born to Kronos, the titan lord of time, all except Athena and Dionysus who were born to Zeus. Zeus is the lord of the sky, and that of lightning.

Posted by crocodile09/29/11
Thank you! That was food, except Zeus had many more godly children than that.

Posted by crocodile09/29/11
Oops, I meant good. :oops:

Posted by mufffin0903/24/12
I actually had chosen Poseidon before I read the hint because of the order in which you listed them. Zeus is parent to Hephaestus, so I assumed Gaea would be the parent of the next listed. Poseidon is the only god of that generation in the list. . .

Posted by ShadowofSin10/15/12
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Gaia (or however you choose to spell her name) A titan, not a god? (Just as Atlas isn't a god)

Posted by Viper11/15/12
@ShadowOfSin To the best of my knowledge, that is half-correct. Gaia is not considered a "god", but I don't think she can be called a titan either. I have no idea where she falls, though, so I honestly don't care where anyone puts her.

Posted by spencerbarbre11/30/12
geas a titan not a Greek god but good teaser

Posted by Obilio01/11/13
Croc, good teaser..made me think, and that's the fun! Thanks :)

Posted by Viper01/15/13
@muffin Good assumption, but Aphrodite is --I think-- another child of Gaea. When Ouranos was chopped up, he was thrown into the sea, which created sea foam, and then she rose from that. Or at least, that's what I learned. :)

Posted by Babe10/12/13
Do not remember much of Greek mythology any more so it was a bust for me! :(

Posted by cutebug10/12/13
O GOD, I got it. :D :D

Posted by Bugger10/12/13
I don't know about the associations with Earth, Fire, and Water, etc. but these four are the only ones having diphthongs (double vowels) in their names.

Posted by raisin9910/12/16
moderately easy; well done


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