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Riddle Me Not II

Submitted By:Mathgeek007
Fun:** (2)
Difficulty:* (0.43)

A vital organ
Or Newlywed's pad
Whole, it shows love,
Broken means sad.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by JQPublic09/17/10
Love easy teasers! :)

Posted by acornalice09/18/10
I found this one lots of fun :) And easy too :)

Posted by 4wheels09/20/10
Very nice Math

Posted by Frada09/20/10
Very easy, but i liked it! :D

Posted by mathgirl09/22/10
very easy but cool for a short riddle :wink:

Posted by Tiger__Spirit5609/23/10
WAAAAY TOO EASYYY... i liked it tho (:

Posted by Camillee10/03/10
Yes definitely easy :lol:

Posted by thebrain78910/07/10
Too easy!

Posted by Mathgeek00711/06/10
Not bad, but this is the wrong teaser for everybody playing The Amazing Race. SHIELD PM me "Sheild Teaser" to get it.

Posted by legion2811/13/10
Elementary my dear Holmes :D

Posted by XRiddleDragonX11/24/10
Ah, yes, a simple teaser. My sister got this one. :-? :lol: Well, good to take my mind off things.

Posted by zizorizo01/15/11
easy and simple but fun :) keep it on :D

Posted by BadBunnee0201/15/11
Got it after a few minutes and rated it TOPS. I liked it. Thanks for posting it and thanks for visiting my teasers. :D

Posted by Rogue_Jedi08/31/11
Way to easy dude i laughed when i knew it by the first 2 lines 8)

Posted by ghostwolf146812/19/14
nice riddle :) but makes me a little nervous a little bit (thinking) lol


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