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What's in a Name? 3

Submitted By:MarcM1098
Fun:**** (3.23)
Difficulty:*** (2.14)

Some people's names (such as "Will Power") suggest a certain personality or career choice. Given below are some last names and professions (in no particular order). For each last name, your task is to think of a common first name, such that it suggests one of the given professions. Each last name and profession must be used just once.
Example: Sonny Day would suggest a meteorologist.

Last Names: Ball, King, Major, Mee, Soares, Turner
Professions: Paleontologist, Author, Musician, Plumber, Astrologer, Lawyer

The hint provides the first names.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by cutieluck09/28/10
lol O_O nothing right

Posted by Shriya10/02/10
It was a very good teaser.

Posted by miley10110/05/10

Posted by LemurHotel10/26/10
WOW! You stumped me there! LemurHotel

Posted by doehead10/26/10
Got them all, but needed the hint. Good teaser!!! :o :roll: 8)

Posted by wm091210/26/10
:D Very well done. I really enjoyed it, even though I figured out only three of them.

Posted by bestgirl10/26/10
Good one!

Posted by Elios10/26/10
Very good! :D Needed the hint for the Plumber and Astrologer. LOL

Posted by flyfisher10/26/10
I got Paige Turner as the author, but the rest stumped me. Good Quiz.

Posted by patiencewithaP10/26/10
Good one! Got most of them but missed a few! Thanks! :D

Posted by auntiesis10/26/10
Gave up too soon and went for the hint. The hint made it easy, but it was a doozy. Great teaser. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by wordmama10/26/10
Got only the author on my own; then the hints of course gave it all away, but it was fun. :)

Posted by Yazmeen10/26/10
I love these teasers! I have never seen one like it! It makes me think a little. It is also great for a laugh! :lol:

Posted by Rachel0007/11/11
One of a kind teaser. :wink: :wink:

Posted by GreenApples2709/19/11
Very fun and creative! :)

Posted by Candi706/12/12
Got Paige AND Dinah before the hint!! WOOHOO!

Posted by Candi706/12/12
I don't know how I didn't get Crystal Ball first! As soon as I opened the hint I knew it!

Posted by Candi706/15/12
Please make more of these puzzles! i love them!

Posted by MarcM109806/15/12
Thank-you Candi! There are two more of these teasers, as you may have guessed from the title. :D

Posted by makani08/20/12
I feel the most sorry for Lee King and Sue Mee, when they try to get their jobs!

Posted by Obilio04/29/13
I got Paige, picked Dino for Saures (sp?) , (Dino looks right) and picked Bea Major for the musician :) With the hint it was easy.

Posted by Babe10/26/13
Very clever and not too easy. I only got two and then had to look at the hint. I liked this one. :D

Posted by jaycr10/26/13
Good one, :lol:

Posted by HABS293310/26/13
Like most was able to get Paige Turner without the hint, the others were easy knowing the first names. A great teaser as usual Marc

Posted by kittygirl1910/26/13
Paige Turner is the name of some librarian!

Posted by Maggiethe8th10/26/13
:P Glad for hint! Fun!

Posted by auntiesis10/26/13
Loved this one, but needed the hint. :D :D

Posted by raisin9910/26/16
excellent! Got my brain in gear this morning, thanks!

Posted by Snowdog10/26/16
I found these to be fun and amusing! I needed the hint for the author and plumber. Well done! :D

Posted by dcf52510/26/16
That was really cute! :P


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