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Office Day

Submitted By:Oldcustard
Fun:** (2.07)
Difficulty:* (0.55)

Steve, Reggie, Gordon and Frank all work at an office skyscraper. They all work on different floors, and all leave at different times.

The data:
Names: Steve, Reggie, Gordon, Frank
Floors: 1, 2, 3, 4
Times: 3:00, 3:30, 4:15, 5:00

The clues are:
1) Frank has to be home in time for the quarter past 3 basketball match!
2) Steve's floor is higher than Reggie's, but lower than Gordon's.
3) Gordon has a wonderful view from his office!
4) The person on floor 1 leaves the latest.
5) The noisy cars driving right by his window leave Reggie in a bad mood.
6) Frank's office is above Steve's.
7) Steve leaves the office 1 hour and 15 minutes after Frank, but only 45 minutes after the person on floor 4.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by chriscat11/02/10
Wow, I'm first! This puzzle is nicely constructed but pretty easy. A good beginner puzzle.

Posted by LemurHotel11/03/10
Very good puzzle. Rather easy though. But anyway. Great job. :D

Posted by crazyboiez11/03/10
heey... i reviewed this one! :D i liked it! i accepted it! (:

Posted by papiermeister11/04/10
I like this kind of puzzle. Very fun!

Posted by june1211/06/10
fun i enjoyed it

Posted by Sock-Puppy_Plzr11/17/10
I got it right away. This one is very enjoyable. :D All proper n what not.

Posted by mocha61311/19/10
#3 and #6 were pointless clues because they were not able to difinitively say anything. Having a great view doesn't have to mean the top floor, it could mean bottom floor and the windows looked out onto a beautiful patio. #6 didn't tell us if above was directly above or maybe just anywhere above, and we already knew Steve had to be on floor 2, which means Frank had to be somewhere above him. It was solveable without useing either of these clues, with or without their intended meanings.

Posted by harmonize912/10/10
The puzzle could be solved using just clues 5-7.

Posted by Mitty4412/31/10
Very good. :D

Posted by Terrible10/27/12
Must admit this puzzle almost got me... the quarter past 3 was getting me for somereason!

Posted by Rileyd01/26/14
I got floor 3 and 4 mixed up. :oops:

Posted by bloody-albatros06/17/15
mocha613 is right, just the clues 5-7 are necessary to solve the grid

Posted by dewtell07/17/15
@bloody-albatros, @harmonize9: clues 5-7 suffice if you interpret #5 as implying that Reggie is on the first floor (the most likely interpretation, granted). And @mocha613 is wrong about #6 - if you flip Steve and Frank's floors, all the other clues still work, so we don't know that Steve is on floor 2 without clue 6.


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