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Function Table #1

Submitted By:Magyk555
Fun:** (1.73)
Difficulty:*** (2.37)

A function table is a table of order pairs that follow a rule. A rule tells how one number is related to another. In this brainteaser, I will give you a function table (sometimes called an input-output table) and you need to figure out what the rule is. I will give you an example.


Input(A), Output(B)
7(A), 9(B)
13(A), 15(B)
1(A), 3(B)
3(A), 5(B)
9(A), 11(B)
The rule in this example is add 2. Now here is the real deal. Find out what the rule is.
*This one will be harder than the example. Way harder.

Input(A), Output(B)
7(A), 23.98(B)
13(A), 42.82(B)
39(A), 124.46(B)
1(A), 5.14(B)
100(A), 316(B)

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Magyk55511/23/10
Sorry guys about the bad brainteaser! :oops: I am trying to submit a correction to specify which humber is A and which one is B. I am also trying to seperate the numbers with a comma. This is for my talk-box challenge. Part Two Of The Talk-Box Challenge: Now, go to my second I ever made.

Posted by Magyk55511/23/10
*Go to my second QUIZ I ever made. Sorry for the error! :oops:

Posted by malliesmile11/24/10
clever teaser :) but i think the last one (100-->316) is incorrect.. i think B should be 318.

Posted by Magyk55511/24/10
It is correct because 100x3.14=314. Then add 2. It equals 316.

Posted by eddandi03/31/11
the following formula works as well 3.14(x-1)+5.14


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