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Hydrologic Cycle

Submitted By:summer868
Fun:*** (2.25)
Difficulty:* (0.61)

Little Johnny, after a science lesson on the laws of gravity, returned home, determined to prove his teacher Mr. Knowles wrong.

"Not everything that goes up comes back down, and I'll prove it!" After some brainstorming, he placed a bowl of water in the 12PM, windless, Sunday sun, and watched as it evapourated. "It all went up," he said.

The next day at school, he confronted his teacher about his little science project. But Mr. Knowles told Little Johnny that he was a bit short sighted. How so?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by BadBunnee0201/15/11
Nicely done. Gave it tops for fun! Thank you for posting it and thanks for your visit to my teaser. :D

Posted by summer86801/17/11
glad u liked it :D

Posted by Marple01/19/11
Really liked this! I got it after I had read the hint! :)

Posted by Candyhook01/19/11
I forgot to look at the hint :lol: .

Posted by NAngelaMiller01/20/11

Posted by Junj1310/16/11
I somewhat knew that the (evaporated) wat would come down. It's a part of the water cycle! :lol:

Posted by Junj1310/16/11
Sorry for the typo, guys. :wink:

Posted by Junj1310/16/11
I somewhat knew that the evaporated water would come down. *

Posted by JQPublic11/28/11
I said that the water going up wasn't really anti-gravity because it was hotter. :oops:

Posted by Candi706/17/12
Oh that was an easy one! Ir was cool to I liked it!


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