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Lazy Jack

Submitted By:MysteriousLight
Fun:** (1.83)
Difficulty:* (0.58)

I have a friend whose name is Jack. He is really lazy. His science homework is to bring in one pound of something. He said that he's too lazy to find something that weighs a pound and something to hold it. He asked me to get those two things for him. I have 3 options: a thick wooden box that is holding a pound of bricks, a one-pounder shoulder bag, and a stack of a pound of books wrapped in one layer of thin wrapping paper. I want to give Jack the heaviest of my three objects. Which one should I choose?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by tinypenguin02/10/11
I remember reviewing this teaser. Good job!

Posted by unklemyke02/11/11
Since the typical brick weighs 3 to 5 pounds or more, it's not going to take much of a box to hold one pound of bricks.:-? Maybe you should put it in a radiation-proof lead box to give your trick on Lazy Jack a little more "weight". :lol: :roll:

Posted by Candyhook02/14/11
I got it reght away :D :D :D

Posted by thebrain78902/15/11
A little too easy. :-?

Posted by Marple02/22/11
Very easy but fun! :wink:

Posted by HABS293302/22/11
I agree this one was pretty easy, but still fun.

Posted by Jimbo04/17/11
Surely this is a logic puzzle. Where is there a 'situation' to reveal?

Posted by MysteriousLight04/19/11

Posted by streaks06/27/11
Easy, but the kind of thing that makes me smile. :D Oh yeah, throw it at him, see if he gets up after that. :evil: + :lol: = how I feel right now... Eh, SC

Posted by thanneer9107/10/11
Yeah, got it. Nice one..

Posted by anjo2908/29/11
how about the bag??? :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D :P :P :P

Posted by zembobo11/17/11
Nice one. Personally, I would have put the bricks in something light weight to fool more people. The people that think a pound of bricks weighs more than a pound of books would be wrong but would still choose the box for that reason and be right. So, I would change the teaser and put a pound of feathers in the box and a pound of bricks wrapped in thin plastic wrap. I think that would fool more people. 8)


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