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Stately Words 4

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Each state and province has a two letter postal abbreviation. In this teaser, the answer will be an anagram of two abbreviations.

1) Anagram two state abbreviations to get a word that means immediately following.

2) Anagram the abbreviations of a US state and a US territory to get a word for pig.

3) Anagram the abbreviation of a Canadian province and a US state to create a word for a celestial body.

4) Anagram two state abbreviations to get the name of a brand of soap.

5) Anagram the abbreviations of two Canadian provinces to get a wicker basket.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by xdbtcp06/03/11
1. Got it 2. Got it 3. Got it 4. Got it 5. Not in a million years :o

Posted by ThinksForFun03/12/15
This is good. The last one is tough. Nice work!

Posted by HABS293303/12/15
Thanks Thinksforfun. Glad you enjoyed it.


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