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Once Upon a Nonce

Submitted By:BadBunnee02
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Difficulty:*** (2.52)

Two long-standing organizations were recently honored in the town of Lingoville-by-the-sea for their amalgamation into one organization with scripted plaques reading:

YMCA & YWCA : "WoMancipation"

What's the rebus?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by westbrook104/18/11
I think that answer was a bit too long - he went from the answer to the teaser to portmenteus! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by BadBunnee0204/19/11
Heads up, WB. The answer IS a portmanteau That's what "makes" the rebus. And, as far as the answer being "too long", I guess there are a couple of options necessary, here, to call to your attention, also. So, "heads up", again. 01. Editors are capable (and so empowered) to reduce the amount of verbiage anywhere on this website. Apparently they considered this answer OK in this regard. So, let's let them do their work unfettered. 02. You are certainly welcomed to stop reading any time your attention span so dictates. If you choose to not learn something about the use of literary devices such as "nonce" words and "portemanteau" derivatives, that is certainly your privilege. Thank you for your visit and your comments. Come any time. :roll: :roll:

Posted by TallTimber04/28/11
I like know the thought process that one uses to come to a conclusion. Well thought out rebus. Well done.

Posted by BadBunnee0204/28/11
Hi, TT - Send me a personal message with any specific questions you might have and I'll do my best to answer. Just click my name (to the left here) and then look to the far right on the next window you get and you should see "send message". Thanks for your visit and your comments. BB02 :)

Posted by kloodoo05/04/11
BB, like your stuff. check out daily rebus puzzles at Blog I just started a couple months ago. thanks

Posted by BadBunnee0205/04/11
KlooDoo ... Just checked out your webbie. Cute. Too bad we can't do stuff like that here on Braingle !!!!!! BBjr

Posted by princess200707/17/11
I would have never got it. But your answer was pretty informative and an interesting read. Now I'll go check out your other teasers. :D

Posted by Totorogirl11/23/11
What :-? That explanation was waaaaaay too long

Posted by Benjiboo12/17/11
that answer was so long and so sientific that i had to skip it


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