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Monkey Business

Submitted By:canse912
Fun:*** (2.83)
Difficulty:**** (3.12)

The Catterville Zoo has a very unique main attraction: Performing Monkeys! Ellie, Gill, Sasha and Tommy have all been taught by their handler (who are all, strangely, also called Ellie, Gill, Sasha and Tommy) to perform a trick (handstand, trapeze tricks, juggling or breakdancing) to receive their favourite snack (honey, bananas, melon and mango). Discover each monkey's handler, the trick it can do, and its favourite snack.

1.) No monkey has the same name as their handler.

2.) Ellie the handler didn't teach any monkey to do a handstand.

3.) The monkey that likes mangoes has the same name as the handler who taught a monkey to juggle.

4.) A handler taught either Ellie or Sasha to do trapeze tricks.

5.) The monkey that likes bananas, whose handler isn't Tommy, has the same name as Tommy the Monkey's handler.

6.) Gill likes melons and his handler is a woman.

7.) Gill the handler taught a monkey to breakdance.

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