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"Family Guy" Clue

Submitted By:Ginge
Fun:** (1.71)
Difficulty:* (0.24)

There have been murders in the Griffin household. Conclude who was killed by whom and how.

Killers: Peter, Stewie, Chris

Victims: Lois, Meg, Brian

Weapons: Gun, Knife, Rope

What you know:
1) Peter killed Meg.
2) Stewie shot someone to death.
3) Chris did not kill Brian or strangle anyone to death.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by jordy5604/28/11
Easy but good teaser

Posted by westbrook104/29/11
It was pretty easy... good though! :D :D

Posted by princess200704/30/11
Nice. I really think you should come up with another teaser along the same lines but with a greater difficulty level. The idea is pretty good. :D

Posted by Quarter_Queen05/11/11
Pretty easy, but Queen loves the idea! :)

Posted by BrokenHearted05/22/11
This was a good start to a great teaser-maker. Really creative. =]

Posted by mrsfessler05/22/11
You have a sick mind.

Posted by mrsfessler05/22/11
:D My kids love Family Guy

Posted by J-Five06/14/11
You forgot the "Evil Monkey"

Posted by coolcat10120207/13/11
Love how it fit in witht the series. it makes sense that stewie would murder brian.

Posted by tacos-rule07/13/12
...Shouldn't Stewie have killed Lois? :P

Posted by squidmaster09/05/13
all righty then im scared now :lol:

Posted by LanceAlot09/20/15
A little dark, but quirky nonetheless :lol:

Posted by LanceAlot09/23/15


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