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Submitted By:Mathgeek007
Fun:** (1.8)
Difficulty:** (1.29)

You, being a whiz at everything, take on any given challenge. Here was one recently given to you.

[Insert Your Name Here], can you please help me with this problem? One of my friends is betting me $500 that he can throw an egg in the air, and, blindfolded, he'd be able to catch it and it not break! Is there any sure way of winning?

Is there? If so, how?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by xdbtcp05/24/11
Actually, since he didn't specifiy that it be that egg, on that try, he could in theory keep trying until he did it successfully, thus eventually winning the bet. My advice would be not to take this bet. :-?

Posted by princess200706/02/11
Well, if he only threw it up by a few inches or so, it wouldn't be a problem to catch it. I've done it myself. :D

Posted by Joose06/04/11
No, there is no sure way to win, because he might just throw it a centimeter in the air and not give you time to interfere. Plus, as a solution, hitting the egg out of the air is pretty unreliable anyway, because that relies on coordination and reflex as well. If you were going to interfere, it'd be better to just grab the guy's hand, or shove him out of the way after he tosses the egg.

Posted by Mad-Ade06/06/11
not sure how this works they said "catch it and it not break!" so if you knock the egg out of the air, you lose as the bet was that the egg would not break as he caught it, not prior to catching it. Knocking the egg out of the air prevents the terms of the bet being reached thus forfeiting it to your detriment.

Posted by Junjie89006/23/11
I know! How about when the poerson throws the egg, you take it and quickly replace it with a broken one. :lol:

Posted by rob7707/03/11
There's a sure way for that person to win. It doesn't say anything about which egg or when, so even throwing it 10 feet into the air, he could try 100 times until by chance he catches it. Or if you try interfering or breaking the egg yourself, he can wait until you're not around or fall asleep.

Posted by BeauTee9507/26/11
Well .. That Was An ODD Answer .

Posted by Bajanator08/16/11
Blindfold the egg... ?

Posted by Benjiboo11/04/11
it said he so his freinds must be doing it so he has nothing to worry about :P

Posted by zembobo11/21/11
Where's the trick? This was by far the worst teaser ever. Don't post dumb teasers just to get points.

Posted by Mathgeek00711/21/11
Excuse me? I completely disagree. It's a trick teaser for a reason...

Posted by Zag2401/21/12
I like my answer better: Crack open the egg into his hand and say, "go ahead."

Posted by Mathgeek00701/22/12
^Love it.

Posted by AwwwSweet06/26/13
Maybe it is just me, but tricks are supposed to come with an "ah ha!" moment when you figure out the trick or it is revealed. Sorry, no "ah ha" moment with this teaser. I do like some of your other teasers though, so keep up the good work!


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