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Symbolism IV

Submitted By:Mathgeek007
Fun:** (1.76)
Difficulty:*** (2.56)

I give you some numbers in a specific order, and a few symbols. Arrange those symbols however you can to make a correct math equation. You must use all of them.

For example...


Also, do not follow the order of operations, perform in the order of the numbers (i.e.: 3+3*3 normally equals 12, but not following the order of operations, equals 18.)

Now, here's your puzzle.



NOTE: Equal zeroes do not count (0=0) in these puzzles.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Mathgeek00706/16/11
I'd like to see another answer. :P

Posted by Ohwhatsup06/30/11
^^yah me to. but I still loved this,,

Posted by cnmne07/11/11

Posted by Mathgeek00707/11/11
Wow... That's just a stupid cheap way of getting an equal. 0=0. :roll:

Posted by cnmne07/15/11
Nonetheless, it is a valid solution.

Posted by Mathgeek00708/30/11
*Cough* Notice the "Order of Operations DOES NOT apply here" rule. -_-


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