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Mixed Up Masqueraders

Submitted By:Mom2Ozzy
Fun:*** (2.3)
Difficulty:*** (3.05)

Abbey is hosting a masquerade party for her birthday, which falls on Halloween. Half way through the night, Abbey and her three best friends decided to play a trick on their boyfriends by switching costumes! Talk about taking masquerading to a whole new level!

Can you figure out who switched with whom?

(Posed/... = Posed as...)
Match each girl with her original costume.

1. George's girlfriend couldn't fit into the costume of the girl who pretended to be Beth.

2. Harold's girlfriend, who switched into Cristy's costume, didn't originally go as a belly dancer.

3.Beth didn't pretend to be the girl who pretended to be Donna.

4. The girls who "masqueraded" as Beth and Donna are Freddy's girlfriend and the girl that the friend who originally went to the party as a ghost pretended to be.

5. The girl who went to the party as a super hero changed into the kitty costume.

6. The girl that Freddy's girlfriend posed as didn't arrive at the party as a kitty.

7. Abbey's boyfriend is Eugene.

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