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Submitted By:celtichero
Fun:*** (2.6)
Difficulty:*** (2.97)

What is represented by the rebus below?

Atlantic: Wire
Amazon: Ice
Huron: Slide
Caspian: Freight

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by aliceedwards06/25/11
The answer is so simple, yet it took me AGES to figure out... just shows how smart I am I suppose... Ah well... A FABULOUS teaser... :D Really enjoyed it! Lots of love, Alice xx oo

Posted by rolugomi06/25/11
Very interesting :D didnt get the answer though :( Good job!

Posted by xxsoftballxx13x06/26/11
I'm a very big fan of grammar, and must say that this is one of my favorite teasers. I didn't get it by myself, I'll admit, I had to look at the answer. Once I realized it, I applauded you in my head, celti. ~Softball

Posted by princess200706/27/11
Oooh. Right. Seeing the answer was seriously a light bulb moment. Haha! Loved it!

Posted by Benjiboo11/19/11
bad teaser

Posted by Muzozavr02/08/12
Genius. I didn't get it, so reading the answer was a serious head-slapper for me. Genius.


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