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Mates + Dates - Easy

Submitted By:coolcat101202
Fun:*** (2.29)
Difficulty:* (0.24)

Three girls all got dates on the same day. From their texts, can you figure out which girl went with which guy and where they went on their dates.

Names - Sarah, Natalie, Charlotte
Dates - Nick, Matt, Ben
Places - park, movie, dinner

Can't believe how cold it is and the grass is all wet, yuck. It's okay though, Matt gave me his coat, I think he really likes me.

Hey guys, hope you're having a better time than I am. Ben is such a bore, I don't think I'll be doing this again. xoxoxo love, Sarah oxoxox

Wow, this movie is fantastic and he's just as into it as I am. I don't think it'd ever be as fun with a geek like Matt (no offence). I don't ever want this to end. Good luck on your dates, love Natalie


I wouldn't want to go to the park on a date, it'd be cold and it might be wet.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by SRB_180708/12/11

Posted by coolcat10120208/12/11
Hehe, i wouldn't know and thanks :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by BeckyJane08/18/11
very good teaser :) I'd rather go to the park when it's sunny ;)

Posted by coolcat10120208/18/11
I don't think she really had much of a choice, and would you turn down a date with the guy of your dreams just because it was raining

Posted by caberet09/12/11
Using texts was a clever twist. :D

Posted by rainswings09/16/11
two of the texts have the same guy in them...?

Posted by Oldcustard11/01/11
Excellent, fun and easy!

Posted by PYTHON12/18/11
Shouldn't the last clue say Nick and not Matt?

Posted by coolcat10120212/18/11
Noo because shes saying thats better with nick than it would have been with Matt

Posted by dreamlvr143204/29/12
Pretty easy but fun. I liked the idea of using texts as clues. :D

Posted by Ginnyrox08/28/12
I'm not a supersmart person... So this was pretty gr8!!! I like how you used texts as clues!! 📱

Posted by Terrible10/25/12
This was pretty easy but good. I think if it wasnt for the last clue i might have been lost.

Posted by M-bug711/14/12
Love how you used texts as clues :D

Posted by Thekid401/13/13
There are two things I like about this teaser 1. It's a good teaser 2. It says minus easy, yet it is ranked as the easiest teaser on this site.

Posted by eighsse08/11/13
Verrrry simple...kind of goes against the idea of a logic-grid puzzle. It just gives the answers in each clue. Normally it works by elimination, but this one uses straight-up nomination for most of the answers. The text clues was clever though.

Posted by LogicalRoger05/21/14
It was an easy one, but I thought it was great how it was planned and written. I loved how each clue had one girl give her opinion at a time. It's quite different than usual logic-grids. And even though the clues were easy, I didn't see much overuse of clues. Each seemed to fit like a puzzle piece. Good job!

Posted by Knightingale07/15/14
I think this is a great logic grid for starters. Besides, the third clue might still be fun if you read it the wrong way :P

Posted by trewq09/05/14
I love the clue set up!! very original. and it's good to have some easy logic grids, in my opinion :)

Posted by ghostwolf146812/19/14
good one :)

Posted by Hello2601/27/15
Thekid4: Ditto that. Good job and loved the text messages as clues! Just was texting my friend about her twin brother and my best friend's relationship. I clicked on it and was like, " :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: "

Posted by LanceAlot09/29/15


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