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The Interview Of The Letters

Submitted By:efurosibina
Fun:** (1.83)
Difficulty:* (0.53)

An interview was conducted to test the structure, usage and competence of all the English Letters. To do this, each letter was interviewed for one hour in sequence and the interview was expected to take a whole day. Letter A was the first, then B, C, D ... till letter X which rounded off the interview. Why was letter Y and Z left out?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by bubbubfilt08/25/11
This is a nice teaser!

Posted by efurosibina08/25/11
Thank You Bubbu.

Posted by JQPublic08/29/11
Nice! :) I thought X X-ed out Y and Z.

Posted by MagicPurple09/05/11
Nice teaser. I got it right.

Posted by kittygirl1909/11/11
The following day... Y and Z were interviewed

Posted by kingsley09/25/11
good one. pretty easy though. Y and Z were probably relieved. sounds like a borrow interview, lol.

Posted by kingsley09/25/11

Posted by GreenApples2710/24/11
This isn't exactly 'trick', is it..? More like Logic.

Posted by Benjiboo11/04/11
yay i was right :D the following day Y and Z got interviewed Y and Z fouht until someone wins and that one would go first Y won :lol:

Posted by zembobo11/18/11
I got it right. That was an easy one you just have to read it a couple times.

Posted by makani08/15/12
This was a very clever brain teaser, and can easily be solved by just thinking. My favorites on here are the trick and situation puzzles.


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