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Submitted By:Oxiproxd9
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For a treat at breakfast, I take some barium, a little carbon, a bit of oxygen and some nitrogen. What is the breakfast I am making?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Marple09/29/11
I don't like this teaser because it's not possible to answer unless you are a scientist! :( :cry:

Posted by SRB_180709/29/11
You dont need to be a scientist to answer this is just school level chemistry ....cheers 8)

Posted by kittygirl1909/29/11
yum bacon!!!

Posted by BeanSC10/01/11
Everything's better with bacon! That was fun, thanks! :D

Posted by Aaronnp10/01/11
My friends and I made a joke about this in science once :lol: :)

Posted by redsfan57710/03/11
I thought it was gonna be laundry detergent! But then I saw the answer and...

Posted by JQPublic10/04/11
I'm bad at chemistry, unfortunately. :oops:

Posted by boodler10/09/11
@Marple - elementary! Pun intended. :D Even if you didn't know much on this topic, very easy.

Posted by Quocalimar11/06/12
I googled, barium and got the answer.

Posted by SaraGrace08/18/13
I got that one!

Posted by happyland300011/27/14
This was easy! I

Posted by ultimatecub12/05/14
Cool...I like chemistry. Could also be boron, actinium, oxygen, nitrogen.


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