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John hadn't seen the other members of the Copernicus High School Astronomy Club since graduation, so he was surprised to run into all 5 of them while on vacation in Cape Town, South Africa. During a night of stargazing from Table Mountain, the men reminisced about their school days and shared details of their current lives. By the next morning, John had forgotten most of what he had been told. From the following information, can you piece together each astronomy club member's last name with his occupation, his city of residence and the organization to which he belongs?

Last names: Cooper, Crater, Miller, Sutter, Weaver
Occupations: Carpenter, Mason, Painter, Sculptor, Writer
Cities of Residence: Biloxi, Mississipi; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; Mobile, Alabama; Phoenix, Arizona
Organizations: Braingle, Kiwanis, Lions, Mensa, Rotary

1. Mr Weaver (who isn't the sculptor) isn't a member of Mensa and doesn't live in Texas.
2. The writer (who isn't from Phoenix) isn't a member of Braingle or Rotary.
3. The three members of the service organizations (Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary) are Mr Sutter, the carpenter and the man from Dallas.
4. The painter (who isn't the Lions Club member) and the man from Biloxi played in the school band together.
5. The sculptor (who isn't Mr Miller) and the man from Dallas were in Mrs Webster's English class.
6. Mr Sutter (who isn't the sculptor) was in the same homeroom as the man from Houston.
7. Neither the man from Mobile nor the man from Phoenix (who isn't Mr Cooper) has an account on Braingle.
8. The man from Houston isn't a member of Mensa or Braingle.
9. Mr Miller (who isn't a Rotarian), the carpenter and the writer were three of the starting players of the varsity basketball team.

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