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World of Nerds

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Difficulty:**** (3.22)

Five friends spend every Monday night eating Chinese food from the Golden Dragon. Howard has Mu Shu Pork, Leonard has Spicy Szechuan Tofu, Penny has Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, Raj has Beef with String Beans, and Sheldon has Chicken and Broccoli: diced, not shredded, with brown rice, not white, low-sodium soy sauce and the good hot mustard from the Korean grocery.

After dinner, they play a role-playing game called World of Nerds.

In this game, each player takes on a character belonging to a different race of creature, has a different occupation, uses a different sort of weapon, specializes in fighting a particular kind of monster, and has a different skill level.

Can you determine the characteristics of each player's character from the following clues before someone sits in Sheldon's spot?

Players: Howard, Leonard, Penny, Raj and Sheldon
Races: elf, gremlin, halfling, hobbit and ogre
Occupations: archbishop, merchant, paladin, sorcerer and thief
Weapons: bolo, crossbow, dagger, fireballs and mace
Monsters: chimeras, giants, harpies, kobolds and orcs
Skill levels: range from 10-32


1. The five characters in the game are Penny's, the 24th-level ogre, the thief, the fireball user, and the one skilled at fighting orcs.

2. The paladin isn't an elf.

3. The bolo user has a skill level twice that of the halfling.

4. Raj's character has a skill level eight levels higher than the paladin, who in turn is eight levels higher than the crossbow user.

5. The hobbit is no good at fighting giants.

6. The elf (who doesn't care for crossbows) is ten levels higher than the one who fights kobolds.

7. The one who is adept at fighting chimeras is four levels higher than Leonard's character (who isn't the archbishop).

8. The character at the lowest level (who isn't Penny) is at level ten and uses a dagger.

9. Neither the archbishop nor the merchant belongs to the race of gremlins.

10. The giant fighter never uses a mace in battle.

11. Raj's character isn't the elf.

12. Penny's character doesn't use the crossbow.

13. Howard's character is not particularly adept at fighting harpies.

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