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Submitted By:CrazyPineapple
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There are 3 people: Mr. Bob, Mr. Jim, and Mr. Smith. Each one of them has a different job. The jobs are a firefighter, a police officer, and a nurse. Each one of them has one day off: Monday, Thursday, or Sunday. Using the clues below, find out who does what job, and what day they have off.

1. Mr. Jim wishes he was a nurse because it pays more money than his current job.
2. Mr. Smith has a weekend day off.
3. The person who has Thursday off, is not a firefighter.
4. Mr. Bob is a firefighter.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by kittygirl1912/18/11
Nice piña! :D

Posted by roseyb7512/25/11
:roll: Easy!

Posted by Mathgeek00712/26/11
Since when does a nurse get paid more than a police officer? He took 4 years of policeman university, and if he wanted to be a nurse, he wouldn't have signed up for all that. -_- Some poeple...

Posted by CrazyPineapple12/26/11
@Mathgeek007 This is just a brainteaser. Not real life.

Posted by june1201/07/12
here in the USA nurse's do make more than police....btw nice teaser

Posted by Evies02/22/12
easy, but not bad. ^^

Posted by charlottes-odd04/25/12
Very easy but at least my head wont explode :D nice one though. When i read police officer i thought of the film hot fuzz :D love that film so funny :lol: me likey this puzzle :D

Posted by Quocalimar11/13/12
due to my lack of experience with frid puzzles this took a bit of time, but that time was spent figuring out the grid technique. Any who, I got it.

Posted by musteewa08/28/13
Jim is officer so he must be off thrusday Smith is nurse and sunday is good to go

Posted by LanceAlot09/29/15
Simple :D


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