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Friday the 13th

Submitted By:babyjuice
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When's the next year when there won't be a Friday the 13th?

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Posted by randomgirl01/15/12
I did not get that!

Posted by babyjuice01/15/12
Really, thats the best you could think of to say, I thought it was OK for a first teaser. Attention everyone else, she is my friend and is really just trying to annoy me. Please post if you like or hate it

Posted by randomgirl01/15/12
This is kind of cool! :D

Posted by zanner200101/15/12
u 2 r crazy i like this one its ok :lol:

Posted by dalfamnest01/15/12
A good teaser, but it requires a lot more thought than you suggest! The answer is right, but your use of probability is not correct - I have submitted a suggestion for a better explanation. :D :D Keep up the good work! 8)

Posted by Mathgeek00701/16/12
Assume it's not a leap year. When a month starts on Sunday, it will have a Friday the 13th. Monday, Thursday, Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday, Monday, Tursday, Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. As you see, no Wednesday. 2 days before Friday. 2 days before Monday, the day I started with. There will be no Friday the 13th. The next non-leap year that starts on Saturday will not have a Friday the 13th. :D

Posted by jhosek01/17/12
@Mathgeek007 - In a leap year that starts on a Saturday, October will have a Friday the 13th

Posted by jhosek01/17/12
Oops. Sorry i mis-read your comment "Non-leap year"

Posted by jhosek01/17/12
in a non-leap year that starts on a Saturday, May will have a Friday the 13th

Posted by jhosek01/17/12
When a non-leap year starts on a Monday the first day of each month (Jan-Dec) fall on Mon,Thurs,, Thurs, Sun, Tues, Fri, Sun, Wed, Sat, Mon, Thur, Sat In a leap year starting on a Monday the 1st day of the months fall on Mon, Thur, Thur, Mon, Wed, Sat Mon, Thur, Sun, Tues, Fri, Sun In both cases there is a least 1 month starting on each day of the week. So, if the starting day of the year is shifted there will still be at least one month starting on a Sunday meaning there will be at least one Friday the 13th in any year.

Posted by babyjuice01/17/12
You beat me to post! Also, the year is 2022

Posted by wolfpackw202/02/12
There are only 14 possible distinctive calendars. One for each day Jan. 1 can start on for a non-leap year (7), and another set for leap year (7). If you look at each of these 14 possibilities, there is ALWAYS a year that has at least 1 month that will start on Sunday (resulting in Friday the 13th). Therefore, there will ALWAYS be a Friday the 13th in every year. It has nothing to do with probability.

Posted by dalfamnest02/03/12
Sorry, guys, every year MUST have a Friday 13th. Mathgeek - you need to check your logic, and others do, too. May 13, 2022 will be a Friday. The answer is correct, but the reasoning is totally wrong, as this has nothing to do with probability. The theory of probability relies on events being random ... and this is not random.

Posted by RGW404/05/12
I got it right only because there has always been to be at least one Friday the 13th in my 56+ years of living. Some years more than others. Nice work!


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