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Submitted By:incredibotsmast
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How many stars are there above?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by babyjuice01/21/12
I said four because there's four stars in the fun section

Posted by eamon01/22/12
Could be 3 or 4 or 7 or none depending on where we are supposed to look - Title, Box, Box plus Title, or Inside the Question Area where there aren't any. If you're going for cute, at least fix it so it has ONE right answer not four semi-possibles. Cute is okay. Sloppy is - not so fun.

Posted by RGW401/22/12
I said 7... 3 above in the title and 4 in the evaluation box. You should count them all.

Posted by Marple01/26/12
So very easy :-? but fun! :lol:

Posted by legotboy02/08/12
I said 5... ya know, in the popularity

Posted by Jboy246802/24/12
Technically, the answer is infinite. If you look up at the night sky there are too many stars to count. The universe is infinite; so are the amount of stars! :wink:

Posted by chucknorris04/23/12

Posted by luluw504/26/12
i got tht! 8)

Posted by Candi706/12/12
Yeah, well, I got 3 and then realizeed in the box there were 4 more, and... I don't relly like puzzles where you could get multiple answers. Especially not trick puzzles.

Posted by zaw333010/18/12
6 cuz i got 3 on my web tab too :D

Posted by Obilio12/11/12
Three in the title. (haven't looked at answer yet)

Posted by Quocalimar01/09/13
I got it, but i also see how it could be 7 or 4. I see the stars above in the fun section. Not to mention if Braingle were to ever change their layout, like YouTube is so infamous for doing, they could put the title below it or off to the side, or neglect to show it in general.

Posted by sashomarine03/22/13
I thought you were referring to the stars up above :wink:

Posted by superfluff405/09/13
This just takes common sense people! You just have to read carefully!

Posted by SaraGrace07/31/13
I thought it would be zero because I didn't get that it was the title. :D

Posted by duhya07/17/14
There are technically eight stars. The gray stars count.

Posted by TheRiddleTroll12/11/16
Jokes on you, cuz the answer is 7 due to the 4 in the popularity box.


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