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Four Houses at an Intersection

Submitted By:Scorefire
Fun:*** (2.67)
Difficulty:** (1.78)

At a + shaped intersection, four different-coloured houses are at the four corners of the intersection so that each house is separated by a road. All you know about the colours of the houses is:

1. The blue house is directly north of the purple house.

2. The orange house is directly west of the green house.

What colours are the two houses that are across the road from the green house?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by BeanSC01/21/12
Well done, nice twist on the orientation! :D

Posted by SRB_180701/23/12
good one.. :D

Posted by braingle10001/23/12

Posted by jhosek01/25/12
I like it!

Posted by Marple01/26/12
Liked it! :D

Posted by JasonD01/31/12
Excellent. I read the first two conditions, thought "Wha--?" and then slowly realized the answer.

Posted by zembobo03/09/12
For those of us who are visually challenged: \ B / ^ \ / / \ O || G | / \ | North / P \ |

Posted by zembobo03/09/12
Wow LOL that totally didn't come out like I typed it. Anyway, thing of it as an X rather than a +.

Posted by zembobo03/09/12
*think* .. not "thing"...sorry

Posted by Candi706/12/12
Got it completely right!!!! :D

Posted by Babe07/05/13
I never know how to figure these things out, but after reading Zembobo's theory it made a lot more sense. Thanks Zem! :D

Posted by jaycr07/05/13
Hmmm . . . :-? Happy 5th of July!

Posted by cutebug07/05/13
Good teaser, but a little logic made this easy to figure out. :D :D

Posted by crazy10man07/05/13
The first clue was misleading, but I still enjoyed the riddle!!!

Posted by lukasiwicz07/07/13
I din't deem the first clue misleading, but it did require you to break the mental set that the roads are oriented east-west and north-south, rather than northeast-southwest and northwest-southeast. Without that realization, which, btw, did not come to my 78-year-old brain instantaneously, the puzzle is impossible to solve.

Posted by lukasiwicz07/07/13
"didn't", not "din't", though I guess "din't" works, for a lazy enunciator.

Posted by eighsse09/01/13
Brilliant and ingenious!! I stared at it saying "...not possible" for a couple of minutes, then read the answer. D'oh!!! However, I would change the first sentence to: "There is an intersection of two perpendicular roads." or "Two roads intersect at right angles."


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