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Celebrity Pop Quiz

Submitted By:Gizzer
Fun:*** (2.61)
Difficulty:** (1.96)

If you can fill in just one missing name, you will pass this pop quiz and reveal a well-known phrase:

_____ Arnold
_____ Belafonte
_____ Clark
_____ Morgan
_____ Petty
_____ Van Dyke

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by gaylewolf01/31/12
I LOVED this one!! Thanks for a good one! :D :wink:

Posted by grandmahopie02/01/12
Didn't know how to play it didn't let me write names in. :-?

Posted by bradon18200102/03/12
Excellent rebus. Loved it.

Posted by AwwwSweet06/28/13
I really liked how creative this one was - good work!


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