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George Washington

Submitted By:GreenGal17
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If George Washington were alive right now, what would he be most famous for?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Viper02/07/12
I said "Being alive" pretty much instantly. Good, but a bit too easy.

Posted by jamezstrika02/07/12
lol i said for being on the dollar bill XD

Posted by babyjuice02/07/12
I've always wondered-what's XD mean?

Posted by jamezstrika02/07/12
oh XD means laughing

Posted by jancsi02/08/12
corny as hell :lol:

Posted by gaylewolf02/09/12
My guess was longevity! Corny, maybe but corny is fun! Thanks for posting! :D :wink:

Posted by Marple02/09/12
I got it straight away! :lol:

Posted by Joose02/09/12
My guess was 'coming back from the dead'.

Posted by chucknorris04/23/12

Posted by klsowell05/10/12
*snort* good teaser! :P

Posted by Candi706/10/12
Easy! 8)

Posted by Gbdf09/28/12
I would like to see a person that is more than 150 years old... And I got it correct!

Posted by Smart_Alex12/21/12
My guess was being the first zombie

Posted by Quocalimar01/11/13
That was excellent. Your hint got me too.

Posted by kitykity1t08/06/13
I thought it was for being on the penny.Then i remember that was abraham lincoln.I think

Posted by Ron_Angelo10/05/13
I already saw that one in a riddle book named '1001 Riddles for Wise and Smart Readers'.

Posted by LogicalMath12304/17/14
Being immortal


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