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Hidden Numbers

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Hidden in each of the sentences below are the numbers 1 to 10 in words.

For example, "My parents told me to never cross the road without looking." This sentence contains the number 1: "My parents told me tO NEver cross the road without looking."

A number might appear in more than one sentence, and the numbers aren't necessarily in order! A number also might be hidden in a larger word.

1. The robins love hiding amongst the smooth reeds.
2. It's always worth looking after your friends, even if they've upset you.
3. Even heavyweight boxers like using soft tissues when they have a cold.
4. To avoid the calf, I veered sharply to the left.
5. The eggs were boxed thirteen instead of a dozen in each baker's delivery box.
6. Having salmon every day for lunch gets a little boring after a while.
7. The attendance at the local football match exceeded last weeks by many thousands.
8. We need to waterproof our boots to make sure we don't get wet.
9. Meeting friends after work allows executives to network effectively.
10. The orchestra sounded magnificent with the many virtuosi xylophonists.

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