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Game Night With Friends

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Five friends got together every December to celebrate the holidays. Last December, they decided they would like to see each other more often. So, they decided to schedule time where they got to play their favourite games and share their favourite snacks. Can you figure out their schedule?

Friends: Andrea, Jennifer, Mark, Susan, Travis
Games: Rummy, Go Fish, Monopoly, Chess, Charades
Months: January, March, June, August, October
Snacks: Chips, Donuts, Fruit, Pretzels, Chicken wings

1) The five friends are Jennifer, Mark, the rummy player, the one who signed up for January, and the pretzel bringer.

2) Susan wanted as much time as possible to prepare even though her favourite game only requires a deck of cards.

3) Jennifer loves meat and chose her snack and game accordingly.

4) Mark is very active and likes to move around a lot when he plays games.

5) When one friend signed up for June, Andrea laughed and said, "Donuts? Are you serious?"

6) Andrea picked the healthiest snack for the body and the game she deemed most stimulating for the mind. Some of the others wondered why she picked a game for only two players since they would have to do a tournament.

7) Mark signed up earlier in the year than Travis.

8) The rummy player did not sign up to bring what he or she considered to be a breakfast food.

9) Everyone agreed that it would be nice to have pretzels in the summer and chips in the fall.

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