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Euchre Masquerade

Submitted By:Rhythmic
Fun:*** (2.71)
Difficulty:** (1.58)

Eight coworkers thought it would be fun to have a euchre tournament. As they were planning, Cameron came up with the idea to dress up in costumes. Samantha thought that was a good idea and suggested that everyone find a partner and dress in similar attire. For this tournament, the players stayed with the same partners for the duration.

1) Jack's team and Cameron's team decided to dress up as people.

2) The players dressed as presidents did not win, but they placed ahead of the ones dressed as birds.

3) Hank got to dress up as broccoli, his favourite food.

4) John dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

5) Samantha was on the winning team. Cameron was not.

6) Daniel's team placed ahead of John's team.

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