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A J's Stitching Projects

Submitted By:Rhythmic
Fun:*** (3.07)
Difficulty:** (1.98)

A J really enjoyed stitching pictures and designs with her needle and thread. Not only did she love making things, she had lots of fun giving them away. Recently, she just completed five projects. Can you figure out who got each project, what the design was, what the main color was, and how big it was?

Recipients: Daughter, Granny, Husband, Mom, Niece
Designs: Butterfly, Clouds, Cross, Flower, Leaves
Main colors: Blue, Brown, Green, Red, White
Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

1) The five projects were the one for her mom, the one with clouds, the brown one, the medium one, and the extra large one.

2) A J decided to give her daughter, Rachel, the smallest one since it would go in her locker at school.

3) A J used (subtractive) primary colors for the butterfly and the flower.

4) A J's mom got a project that has something to do with plants.

5) Rachel's cousin got the medium sized project with a butterfly.

6) A J had a lot of red, so she made that the main color of the large project.

7) The project for A J's granny was bigger than the white one and bigger than the one with a cross.

8) A J did not use brown on her husband's design.

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