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I and Friends

Submitted By:selpy123
Fun:** (1.72)
Difficulty:* (0.95)

How do you make friends into I by removing one letter at a time?

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Posted by firefox9904/24/12
There are a couple of errors. First, you mean make "I" into "friends" by changing a letter at a time, STILL LEAVING a valid word. Second, there are other possibilities to the answer. I like the process of words though!

Posted by Candi706/10/12
May I add to that: TAKING AWAY one letter at a time, not CHANGING one letter at a time.

Posted by Glorachelio05/09/14
Note: Fid is a real word: Friends Friend Fiend Find Fin In I Friends Friend Fiend Find Fid Id I Friends Fiends Fiend Find Fin In I Friends Fiends Finds Find Fin In I Friends Fiends Finds Fins Fin In I

Posted by catmom10/18/14
EZ PZ :)


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