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Jazz Band Solos

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Evan, Lucy, Maria, Steve, and Will all played together in a local jazz band. At their last concert, they each had a solo. Match the musicians with their last name, instrument, and order they played.

First names: Evan, Lucy, Maria, Steve, Will
Last names: Earl, Lewis, Masters, Sacks, Wilson
Instruments: Alto Sax, Piano, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Trumpet

1) Maria's solo was unique. She sang as she played.

2) Steve's last name sounded like the instrument he played.

3) Mr. Wilson played his solo before the tenor sax player.

4) Will played his trumpet during the fifth solo.

5) Ms Earl, who didn't play trombone, played her solo before Steve but after Ms Lewis.

6) The alto sax was featured in the first solo.

7) Lucy played a brass instrument.

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