Braingle Lite

Get in a Line!

Submitted By:fishmed
Fun:*** (2.18)
Difficulty:* (1.04)

1. P
2. E
3. C
4. K
5. I
6. N
7. G

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Candi706/15/12
Hey! First one! 8)

Posted by dishagarg06/19/12
i din get it :cry: what did da qs actuallly ask?? i mean wt ws da question???? plzzzzzzzz help :o

Posted by fishmed06/21/12
As with other rebuses, you have to figure out the phrase or sentence that the puzzle creates.

Posted by dishagarg06/21/12
kkk....... dis ws the 1st "rebus" catgry puzzle i ws doin so mayb dats y i cudnt figure out wats askd... :wink:


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