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Late Finals

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It was finals week, with each class having a two hour final. Five roommates decided to go to a concert the night before each of them had a big final. As fate would have it, all five slept in. They all showed up late to their final and each told their professor a different excuse as to why he was late. Although, none of their professors cared, because the roommates had posted online what they had done.

From the clues below, determine what final each roommate was late for, how late each was, and what excuse they used.

1) Cody used the excuse of was helping a friend move and was, at most 72 minutes late.
2) The roommate taking English, who wasn't Isaac, said he was delayed by an accident.
3) Justin was taking History.
4) The one who was 64 minutes late used the excuse of no power in the apartment; neither he nor the one who was 73 minutes late is taking Physics.
5) The roommate taking Calculus wasn't Isaac or Conner: the latter showed up 68 minutes late.
6) Sam didn't arrive 73 minutes late.
7) The one who was 78 minutes late didn't use the excuse of writing down the wrong time and room number of the final.
8) The one who was 71 minutes late was taking Business.

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