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Sweeter Than Pi

Submitted By:DaBomma
Fun:*** (2.6)
Difficulty:*** (2.54)

I extend my thumb to the galaxy,
As should you, I must say,
If you've read the compendium,
This will surely make your day,

Alas, if you have not,
This conundrum will prove hard,
For it requires thought,
And some guidance from a bard,

It is not a simple utterance,
The answer that you seek,
It has much more meaning than that,
It brings joy to the meek,

Have you ever wondered,
The answer to it all,
The answer to a riddle,
No matter how big or small,

It is greater and sweeter,
Than the thing that you call Pi,
It has a greater value,
Than what meets the eye,

Sadly, it is less than,
The lines (and spaces) of this rhyme,
For all of it explained,
Takes much of your time,

Now I will explain,
For those who are still stuck,
The answer is a number,
Still greater than bad luck,

The second is minute,
Compared to the first,
Like a simple element that,
Has completed half-life on this earth,

Now, I am finished,
Given enough hints to you,
And with one final line,
At last, I am through.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by xdbtcp06/12/12
Unfortunately, the first line gave it away... very good though! 8)

Posted by Candi706/12/12
this might seem pretty stupid, but I still don't get it, even after reading the answer.

Posted by dangerouspie10106/14/12
Dude, epic book. I LOVED THE SERIES! You should of mention bulldozer yellow, or towel in the hint for people who did nt get it, but it was pretty simple, First line was a give away, as in galaxy, and types of thumbs are hitchhikers, but otherwises, AMAZING BOOK AND RIDDLE! 8)

Posted by dangerouspie10106/14/12
It also said... an answer to a riddle, an answer to it all, and if not the first line that surely would have given it away!

Posted by Gwendalla06/19/12
I really don't appreciate when people say "too easy" or "___ give it away". I needed as many hints as I could get on this one. Let's remember it all depends on people and the teaser. Meaning, what's easy to you isn't always easy to me. I'm aware we can also "comment" or "share our opinions", but shall we try and do it in the kindest way possible? Anyhow, concerning the teaser, it was well-written! The rhyme scheme was quite enjoyable, and I liked how it carried through to the hint and answer. Well done!

Posted by Quocalimar11/06/12
@Candi7 HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy, i never read the book, but the answer '42' is said by (I won't ruin it in case you decide to see it) some pretty important characters as the answer to everything.


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